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Places of interest

Countryside in south Lithuanian region Dzukija - “Dzukijos sodyba”

Dzukija National Park

Zervynos village

Zervynos is an ethnographic village in the Varėna district, Lithuania. It is situated within the territory of the Dzukija National Park near the Ula river. Zervynos has 48 homesteads, where 8 homesteads and 32 separate buildings are officially declared ethnographic monuments. The village was among the sites short-listed for nomination for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Ula Eye

Ula eye is a source/ spring situated on the left bank of the river Ula, between Manciagire and Ziurai villages. The source is 4 m above the river level and the depth is 1,2m. On 2000 the source was declared hydrogeological monument of the nature.

The water is good for drinking!

Cepkeliai state nature reservation

The unique and just a little touched of human activity complex of swamplands. Reservation is located near Marcinkonys village, for more information please refer to:

Musteika village

Ancient “streety” village at Dzukija National Park, 12 km to the south from Marcinkonys village and 4 km to the east from Kabeliai village. Village is established as architectural monument. There is a reservation with swamplands in this village.

Dubininkas village

Small ethnographical “streety” village in Dzukija National Park, 8 km to the north-west from Marcinkonys village, next to the confluent of Merkys river – Skroblus stream.